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Providing risk mitigation information and analytics 

Our client is a leading technology company that specializes in risk mitigation services. Their solutions include verification of identity, fraud detection and anti-money laundering measures. By using vast databases and sophisticated analytics tools, they provide their clients with valuable insights to inform decision-making processes. This company serves a diverse range of industries, including financial services, insurance, healthcare and government. With a strong commitment to delivering actionable insights, they help their clients stay ahead of potential threats and minimize overall risk exposure. 

Searching for expertise and solutions  

Darin Good is a Senior Marketing Manager working in risk mitigation and he has demonstrated success in creating targeted demand, lead generation, acquisition and conversion campaigns, all resulting in high conversion rates (60%!). He’s well-versed in creative and martech platforms and campaign ROI measurement and analytics.  

Darin needed solutions and comprehensive support for his event planning initiative at the Money20/20 USA conference, the world’s leading premium content, sales and networking platform for the global money ecosystem. His goals included generating qualified leads to send to his sales team, high traffic to his event booth, registration to fireside chats, and general awareness and engagement for customers and prospects at Money20/20. 

The success of this event depended on precise, quality communications that maintained the company’s consistent momentum and brand reputation. This is where Darin tapped into ITFO’s expertise to reach his marketing goals. ITFO enlisted their strategy formulation, brand and advertising writing, executive communications, design and programming skills to create a bespoke Money20/20 marketing strategy. The final product included content and messaging for omni-channel awareness, engagement, promotional and nurture marketing campaigns.  

Confirming immediate trust with prospective clients is paramount when offering risk mitigation services. The solutions need to be innovative and seamless; sources of content, data and analytics must be credible and transparent. The customer experience begins before signing on as a client and ITFO's services skillfully positioned Darin and his team as the go-to resource for risk mitigation at Money20/20. 

Creating trust, limiting risk 

ITFO supported an event strategy based on interconnecting people, content and technology to achieve Darin’s goals. 

ITFO recognized an opportunity to build his industry leaders’ reputations as subject matter experts and use their voices as a means to create interest and engagement for key issues featured at the Money20/20 conference. The client used the employee advocacy platform EveryoneSocial to elevate the company brand and drive growth. With this business and lead development tool, ITFO curated and developed content around topics relevant to clients and potential leads, driving engagement for the conference through social selling.  

Another identified engagement opportunity was to improve campaign engagement by using landing pages more effectively. The client uses Eloqua, a SaaS automated marketing platform for B2B marketers and organizations to manage campaigns and sales lead generation, and to track engagement and prospects. To grab eyes and optimize engagement, ITFO designed, customized and delivered Eloqua landing page templates in HTML and CSS; propelled the interactive design and programming with its multimedia creative services; and designed templates for reuse and repurposing. 

ITFO created and curated content based on client branding, key messages and campaign needs. Content marketing collateral included copy for sales, emails and landing pages, graphic design for Eloqua pages, campaign materials, client communications and general Money20/20 event needs. The ITFO writing and design services team understood Darin's business, audience and strategy and produced content that helped him achieve his targets.    

Content strategy, editorial planning, interactive design and landing page optimization were just the beginning. ITFO knows when sharing information with clients and potential clients, it’s difficult to keep track of the conversation and know what they are viewing. By leveraging the company's martech tools, ITFO adapted its existing tools to create a seamless process for the creation of marketing material, tactics and execution, publishing, tracking and reporting. 

Choosing the best option, choosing ITFO’s services 

Working closely with our client, ITFO crafted consistent, high-level messaging and communications delivered in an on-brand user experience in simple-to-use SaaS and social media platforms. One measure of success? We continue to collaborate with Darin on his ambitious, tech-supported marketing campaigns.  

ITFO is a global collective of seasoned communications, knowledge management and software professionals dedicated to coming up with the best ideas to help businesses move forward. We have worked with small local enterprises and global Fortune 500 companies. Our recommendations have been applied to projects as diverse as campaign and social media management, social selling, search engine optimization, digital marketing and various digital content. 

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