Rapid Response

Connect with people

during fast, unexpected change

In this time of unprecedented change, it has never been so apparent that we all need a rapid response plan.

Only 62%
of companies have crisis management plans
leaders have experienced a corporate crisis since 2014

We can help you prepare and take action quickly so that your employees, customers and other stakeholders are informed when they need to be.

Major US Media Company Prepares for Major Hurricane Season
The 2019 Atlantic hurricane season was one of the worst on record. To prepare, we helped a major US media company develop a hurricane preparedness guide for media professionals. The guide not only helps journalists and media crews stay safe during a major weather event, it also provides direction on technology and equipment, story angles and where to find content to publish.

How we can help you get prepared now

Rapid response plans should encompass every area of your business:

  • Internal communications plans help you proactively address employee concerns and ensure employees have the right information, quickly, to mobilize and take action.
  • Public communications strategies help you maintain trust, connect with customers online and set your service teams up to satisfy customer concerns and queries.
  • Remote work environments help you sustain business when employees can’t be in the office together.

Our experienced team of strategists, writers, software developers and knowledge managers can help you prepare a rapid response plan now.

Communications Strategy

We can develop a comprehensive rapid response communications strategy that covers all of your audiences and channels.


We can create compelling presentations optimized for any screen, to assist with training, media and more.


Work with a highly-skilled writer to develop messaging and materials for your rapid response plan.


We can produce short videos and recorded webinars to accompany your rapid response trainings and materials.

Audio & Podcasts

Reach your audience in a more intimate way with audio snippets and podcast series.

Data & Analytics

We can work with you to develop custom data visualizations that communicate clearly during a crisis.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Contact us to start your rapid response plan.